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Become Anti-Anxiety Wise: Let it go

Become Anti-Anxiety Wise: Let it go

Letting go of anxieties could take some time, but it is possible. If you did not know, there are anti-anxiety techniques available for people in need of a change. We are not talking about a “quick-fix” kind of change. We are talking about taking control of your life and living it in a more peaceful state of mind. Adjusting to anti-anxiety methods may take some time, but it is worth the graceful rest you will have. Recognizing the over commitments you have may be the first step to breaking the hold anxiety has on your ability to say “no”.

Over Commitments

Promising to do this and do that can take a toll on you. Practicing anti-anxiety techniques involve letting go of the need to say “yes” to every request someone asks of you. People often experience extreme stress because they allow their commitments to take over their life. You do not have to go through this type of misdirected motivation. One way to measure if you are over committed would be to cancel an appointment you have scheduled. How would you feel if that were to happen? Would you feel a sense of guilt? Over committed persons feel guilty if they tell someone “no” because they are tired. Trigger your anti-anxiety strengths to allow yourself personal time to spend with your family.


Are you having trouble falling asleep on a routine basis? Insomnia can come from thinking or contemplating the events that are about to take place. If insomnia is a chronic issue, contact your doctor about the problems you are experiencing. Your doctor can prescribe medications or muscle relaxants to help ease you into a peaceful sleep. An anti-anxiety approach to rest would include falling asleep on a fixed-time, taking a warm bath or having a warm glass of milk before bed.

Freedom at Last

Shout it loud and proud! “I am anti-anxiety.” How does it feel to know that other’s ideas of you did not matter for those few seconds? Could you imagine restructuring your life into a more pleasurable experience? For some, they can not phantom freedom of speech and emotion. A look in the mirror could show you the results of the over commitments: bags under your eyes, a tired disposition, and constant confusion. Your body needs rest mentally as well as physically. Give yourself that small luxury and watch your view of life change.

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